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So glad you’re here!

Welcome to Junco-Partner.com!  Simply stated, we are here to help.  You, me, all of us, we’re here to help each other.  Partners in the journey of life.  We’ve all been down roads and picked things up along the way, some good, some bad, all fragments of our total being in the moment at hand.

Junco-Partner.com is a platform to share your Junco journey and the techniques, information and products which provided either short-lived or long-lasting results down the road to the better you, the better me, the better all of us.

All are welcome here, whether you are anxious sometimes, all the times, a little stressed or chronic in that state.  We are here for the addicts, the alcoholics, the hopeless, the desperate, the young, the old, the rich the poor, simply stated all are welcome here.  We are unaffiliated with any group, institution, denomination or sect.  We’re just sparks of divine source energy witnessing creation within the sphere of awareness that is life.  Your life, my life, our lives.

Who is The Partner?

I can vaguely remember the days of my youth, my innocence, my pure heart.  Maybe you can too, when we were carefree, feelings of great joy and wonder poured from our essence into every moment.  Until one day, from somewhere down the road came our Junco Partner, it was knocked out, it was loaded, it was wobbling all over the street .  From here our stories may differ yet are so much the same.  That child would witness the physical toll, emotional turmoil, mental anguish and spiritual sickness our partner, would lead us through over the years, always promising a better tomorrow.

The Junco Partner is that side of ourselves that seeks instant gratification, the part that needs to feel good despite unwholesome means of attaining those feelings.  It’s that voice inside our head constantly talking to itself, validating its self-destructive habits, as it manifests in so many aspects of our lives, steering us further and further away from our true purpose.

But here you are, here I am, here we are, ready to make a change and move toward a life of heath on all levels of our being-ness.  Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual oneness, wholeness and well-being is a right of all humans, as is the right to govern our sovereign selfs as autonomous beings.  To not let the Juncos narrative co-write your script any more, throw the script out completely and re-align with our true selves and our true destiny.

We now have the means, the collective will and technology to connect with each other, to share the tactics implemented to heal the wounds of our Junco actions.  To know thy Partner, to know thyself is to take back control of what you do or do not do and where you go or do not go.

We are not doctors, we are not medical professionals even.  But we are self-prescribed           self-medicators.  We all have insight attained from our past doings and the consequences they bore, we all have something to share, a gift to offer.  Your experience may reflect a fragment of hope in someone and create a perceptual shift that may save their life.

Why do we care?

As I am, so are others;

As others are, so am I.

Having thus identified self and others,

harm no one nor have them harmed.


Without each other we are nothing, we need each other.   So why not lift each other up on the knowledge base of our unique collective experiences, with hope that maybe one person will avoid a negative outcome in their life as a result of previously unavailable information.

Fact is, you have a problem,  it must have a solution, problems are inherently solvable otherwise they would be simply stated as the way it is.  It’s completely up to you, me, us whether to live by design or be designed by life.  Why not create an amazing future together.

The Goal here..

Our only mission is to connect all who inquire with the information, techniques, technologies, products or services that will catalyze change and create feelings of well-being physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

We provide a wide range of information and reviews of various products, services, technologies and chemicals which can incrementally allow you to free yourself from the limiting behaviors and negative thought patterns that is the awareness of our Junco Partner.  More to come as we evolve, together.

As a final note, we only speak from experience, from our hearts, with wisdom and humility.  You are responsible for the outcome of your circumstances.  Arrive safely.

To your Journey,

d.Whit B.

Founder, Junco-Partner.com

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  1. It is a really good start for anyone. I read what you wrote and it made me think, changes are good, weather they are earthquakes or hurricanes. If we deny what we are, and cover up who we are, then we are not doing what we came here to do. It is a hard pathe all of us have decided to travel this time through. Me included in that comment.

    Thank you, Bonnie

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