Eat to Heal. An Anxiety Reducing Diet

Eat to Heal. An Anxiety Reducing Diet


I’ve never had any reason to think I needed to change my diet. I maintained an overall healthy appearance, rarely got sick and never felt as though my eating habits were anything but normal, totally in line with cultural expectancy, no red flags here.

The nutrient content of my food was never a concern and ignorance reigned while my physical feelings of stress, anxiety and general discomfort held me in patterns of constant internal discord. I figured it was just me and I better deal with it in the best way I learned how, drugs, the worst ones were legally prescribed, the better ones self prescribed.

Obviously, drugs of any kind are only effective to a certain point, if we’re honest with ourselves, they do nothing to heal the wounds of our spirit nor allow life to flow free through us within the sanctity of our being. Lasting change that becomes you can be found within, and to get within it seems necessary to detoxify and properly nourish your body.

To do this does not require a diet, No diets you have to stick to, were just shifting our eating habits little by little. The results we seek do not attach themselves to their ends, reward is in the work itself. It’s really not hard to begin minute eating habit adjustments, which as far as I can tell, lead to more confidence in creating larger adjustments until your living the potential you envisioned.

The key here is to believe altering what you put into your body will 100% improve the state of your overall physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being. Affirm to yourself the changes you desire, and start small. Your body is just used to you eating the same old thing, and to break that cycle it is imperative to have a plan, a guide of sorts, just until you have created a true healthy habit on the conscious and subconscious level.


I never skipped a meal until I read, Grow a New Body, by Dr. Alberto Villoldo,  his research and profound knowledge of the human bio-energy makeup is a wonderful guide into how we work on all levels of our being-ness. Our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health should be harmoniously resonating with essence of our true heritage, as light beings here on earth to live harmoniously, to give freely, to be in complete service to your life.

I started by stopping eating, not completely but skipping meals for sure, breakfast is an easy one, but I would eat dinner then either wait til lunch to eat the next day or all the way til dinner, a few times. It’s not easy but it felt like it gave my body a chance to re balance and allowed my awareness to be redirected into alignment with my actual needs as a human body, not a socially conditioned drone, eating the most convenient food possible.

Also, populating your gut with some beneficial bacteria in probiotics is vital element in re balancing the harmony of you gut’s micro-biome, which is full of tiny bugs, not really bugs but microorganisms, working harmoniously tho break down the food they receive and redistribute it as energy to your whole body. It is remarkable because when the bugs in my belly are happy, I am happy, and when they are upset everything within the moment is filtered through this feeling, hardly allowing for inner or outer peace.


When introducing new foods into your daily routine start simple, just replace one old meal, with something new. Rome wasn’t conquered in a day and neither will you conquer your poor eating habits in a days work. By shifting this one meal, you will notice your body crave that feeling from proper nutrition more frequently with little strain on your mental muscle of willpower.

You will instinctively progress down this path effortlessly as long as your commitment is firm enough to see you through the moments your mind begins its tricks. Focus on your breath, feel the you you desire to be and remain steadfast in your intent to move into your potential.

If things don’t go the way you planned you can’t let that affect your forward momentum, understand that our bodies are not designed for sudden change, we are slow to adapt our behaviors to be in line with our thoughts and feelings, it’s a lifelong journey for all of us, no one perfects it, but we try, because we want to feel better.

I keep a journal in which I go through and identify what needs to be done for the day that promotes the overall vision for my life. Every day, I set my day up and what I need to do to cultivate new healthy habits to replace the old ones.

To feel better, resonate at a higher frequency, feel the connection to spirit and accomplish the goals I set for myself will all be dependent on what I feed myself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Planning your day, your meals or anything really sets your mind up to focus on a direction, rather than your awareness be constantly hijacked by the world around you for their own means.

Terrence McKenna said it best, If You don’t have a plan you’ll be part of someone else’s. So make the commitment, get yourself a plan and do want you want within the parameters of that plan. Me, I just want to feel good, not all the time, but most the time, I want you to feel good all the time if possible but most the time be great.


I don’t over complicate this, I am not a good cook, my meals are functional and usually a working process. Not going to lie, eating healthy is tough, between making sure the food you’re buying is what they say it is, and the higher cost of the healthier versions of everything, you may get frustrated.

Take some importance off food, not every meal has to be amazing. We glorify food way too much, yea its nice to have a well cooked meal, but we’ve taken food and cooking to a ridiculous level of cultural importance. Eat to live, that what its for, you don’t need as much as you think.

When you eat the right things your body will respond by requiring less and processing what you do eat properly with no strain to itself, you will lose weight, you can reverse disease, heal your emotional wounds, you will have more energy, your mind will be clear and you will rediscover a connection to your life, you spirit.

I eat an avocado for lunch every day, with rice crackers. I eat a good amount of broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, collard greens and kale. Less often but a few days a week I eat sweet potato, fresh fruit, plant based meat products or fresh made salads from a deli or something. Like I said I don’t possess many cooking skills, but I do smoke weed so my meals usually end up pretty good, or maybe I’m just high.

I use a lot of oils in my foods, avocado oil, cold pressed olive oil, and coconut oil, which is so good for your brain. We eat too much, too many times a day, the way I look at it, if I was living in the jungle or out on the plain and I couldn’t have Uber bring me Chipotle, and getting myself food either by hunting or gathering was my only option I would eat way less. Convenience is the killer of invention, of anything new, including a new you, we must stay challenged, work for and appreciate what we eat.

As far as gathering goes, I eat almonds, walnuts, pistachios, pecans, and berries in small quantities all day. They keep the hunger at bay while continually giving me energy and doing wonders for my digestion. I don’t get that intense moment stopping hunger anymore, or act like an asshole when I’m hungry. I eat to feel good, not look good, but feel good, and my body responds by removing the impulses of the old neuropathways forming my eating habits and creates new ones. Were not dieting, were just shifting our eating habits in alignment with overall health and well -being on every level.


There are so many food programs that could be right for you, it’s the single most difficult thing to quit doing something and do something else, but so many people have done it and will show you exactly how. You can choose from literally thousands of experts in the field to guide you through the beginning stages of your transformation. And once these habits take hold, you’ll have the wind in your sails, it will be automatic that you choose to eat the foods that help you to thrive.

Changing your eating habits is only the beginning of a life with less anxiety and stress, but it is in my opinion the foundation from which the rest of our growth is built. You are the builder, you choose the materials to strengthen and fortify you temple, use the best materials possible because in this life it’s the only body you got, build it strong, make it last.

Much Love. Peace

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  1. Hi, as a person interested in healthy eating, came to your post. I love the content and I like the way you tell it. I have two tips. First, break up the paragraphs with headings and separation lines. These make it easy to to follow the text. Then, add some relevent photos. When you mention using oils, show an image of a favorite oul. The same with a food. I’m sure that when you make you post more visually attrative, yo will see the difference.

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