How does it Feel – Symptoms of Anxiety

Chances are if you’re alive you have experienced at least some form or level of anxiety. It’s a part of our genetic makeup, it’s in our DNA as a means to ensure our survival as we navigate the jungles of modern day city, rural, and all encompassing social life.  It’s highly unlikely someone has never experienced or sensed impending danger or intense self consciousness manifesting as physical feelings of internal discomfort.  If you are one of the few who have coasted through life untouched by the feelings, thoughts and emotions we call the ‘symptoms of anxiety’ then consider yourself unique and lucky.

The feelings, thoughts, emotions and overall physical dis-ease induced by anxiety will vary in description from person to person, in my experience, we all have a different way of conveying these energetic disruptions within our limited syntax.  I personally can only comment on how I interpret this internal discord and it usually manifests as a racing mind cluttered with negative, self limiting thoughts, a tightness in my chest or a pressure on my heart center.  In severe cases shortness of breath and even complete inability to function normally are possible as you find yourself in the constrictive cycle of what we know as anxiety.

Survival Mode

Whether we are conscious of it or not, our bodies are highly adapted in identifying the things in our environment which could potentially be perceived as dangerous or a threat to our survival. Circumstances can change rapidly, sometimes we are unable to mentally process the dangers that arise in our immediate circumstance as quickly as our bodies adapt and ready themselves for response or reaction.  We’ve all been in a position where our body seemingly reacts to some outside stimulus without conscious effort dictating the need to move.  Call it instinct, intuition or reflex but we are always very aware of ourselves within the context of our environment.

Without naturally built in stress hormones and chemical messengers to alert our body to danger we would probably not have survived the millions if not billions of years we have been evolving on this planet.  These days though, things are different for us humans, we need not worry about our outside environment as a source of anxiety as much as we need to mind our internal landscape where demons of past and future haunt our current awareness.

A Social Topic

Social anxiety, feelings of fear, uncertainty, discomfort that arise as a result of past or future interactions amongst society, the environment, culture, are an installed program, not inherent to our being when we are born.  As we grow we learn from those around us, from our environment, from the institutions that teach us, or guide us spiritually, all of our discomfort moving forward from these experiences are the energetic imprints of past experience spinning these negative thoughts, emotions and disconnected feelings outward.

Validation, approval and acceptance breed expectations for our social being to uphold an image which is internally sustained by feelings of insecurity and a need to please that with which we interact.  No matter how hard one may try to belong and keep up with the status quo we see ourselves on the outside looking in, afraid to look away for fear of missing it, or even worse being it.

Some people do not have this aspect of reflection within themselves, they seem to read from a different script than that which has been passed down from generation to generation, accepted as the truth.  Our lives have been programmed by engineers of a framework built to normalize the hierarchical, class system, upon which individual rights are not deemed property of the individual but of a group of individuals who enslave our energy for their own diabolical, and usually financial means.

This system is sets up like concrete within the foundations supporting the constructs of our modern society, the constructs of the state.  Its easy to just say, it is what it is, but understand that as a species will we all carry with us the memory of the pain of those who suffer all over the world as a direct result of humanity’s neglect to intervene.  Our lives lose their own fullness when we inherently realize that our planet and its people suffer and fail to act.  To truly believe that the wars and violence waged across the globe are anything but economic acts of terrorism would mean one has so lost control over their sovereignty that they would gladly justify harming another.

Bringing it back to me and you, we know there is something more to what we do then we may realize in this moment, we feel the beckoning of something, a call towards something that is greater than the stories we’ve reaffirmed within ourselves for the past however many years.  Of course our society makes us anxious, we lack a true vision or direction, we fear that which we can’t control and do not take responsibility for what we can control, our lives.

Finding North

Ultimately our lives will be always be marked by moments of anxiety or stress in the appropriate situation when the immediate circumstance evokes these feelings.  What we’re trying to do is limit those feelings exclusively to the present circumstances and not retain these stagnant emotions long past an incident or well before something we anticipate to occur.  The way through will never be a straight line, nor will it be easy, to know oneself and commit to change is a momentous undertaking but is the foundation in creating a lasting harmony within whatever circumstances you find yourself.

There are so many methods, ways and means to calm the mind, cool the heart and quiet the emotions. The tools we have at our disposal in this day and age to deal with anxiety are infinite. No two people are just alike and nor will they respond the same way to any stimulus.  There are trends and consensuses but at the end of the day your anxiety is your own mountain to climb. When you decide its time to scale the beast and look toward the summit where peace, happiness and contentment fill the air, look around you and ask the advice and accept the support from those who have made the summit, those who are a pitch ahead and also look back to help those who are ready to start the upward journey. We are all in this together, moving in the same direction, and the more cohesive we become as a whole, the easier our task becomes.

Embracing Yourself and Moving On

At the end of the day we all know what it feels like to live with stress and anxiety, and focusing on the problem does very little in creating the circumstances both internally and externally to feel the best you can.  Our solutions combined will call forth the  freedom we desire and the harmony that is our destiny.   It is imperative at this time that we must continue to cultivate the mindset necessary to overcome the parts of our inner world reflecting the mess we see before us today, this is definitely where being the change you want to see in the world applies.

To have the courage to change the things you can, the serenity to accept the things you can’t and the wisdom to know the difference will be vital on your path ahead, by remembering this and responding appropriately in every moment you will begin to notice the subtle positive changes within on your road to liberation.

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