Kratom for Anxiety – The Miracle Leaf.

Kratom powder and capsules

Kratom, you’ve probably heard it mentioned somewhere or at least seen the bottles displayed on the shelves of your local smoke shop. So what is it?

Kratom is an evergreen tree native to southeast Asia where it has been used in traditional medicine for hundreds if not thousands of years. When you ingest it, you are consuming dried ground leaves of the tree usually in capsules or powdered form.

Kratom has caught a bad rap over the last few years in mainstream media. The DEA was out to classify it as a schedule 1 narcotic a few years ago. High Potential for abuse and no medicinal value is what classifies a drug as schedule 1, now why on earth would the DEA, no doubt backed by the pharmaceutical industry attempt to do this?

Because it fucking works, plain and simple. What good is a plant that can stem addiction, alleviate pain, treat anxiety, increase energy and improve mood?  Well, it’s no good if you want to make money on all sides of our mental health and physical well-being. Face it, were kept sick and then held hostage by drug companies whose sole allegiance is to the bottom line, but every now and again we slip one through. Kratom is one.

What does it do?

For me, it’s absolutely an anti-anxiety supplement, natural anti-depressant and also a pain reliever. Its produces the most noticeable effects of the naturally occurring remedies I have looked into over the past few years, for me at least.

What’s also amazing about this substance, is that appears to be most effective at lower doses. Many drugs I would take in the past usually left me wanting more, unsatisfied and ready to chase the dragon, Kratom on the other hand is capable of delivering life changing effects at relatively small doses.

The effects of Kratom will vary depending on what strain you are consuming and at what dose you are taking. Keep in mind that research and studies on Kratom’s effects on human body and brain physiology are limited but what we do have are thousands of people that have used it safely and will testify to its efficacy in treating a variety of symptoms.

In the documentary ‘Leaf of Faith’, you will witness testimonials of dozens of individuals who use Kratom to manage chronic pain. There are plenty of documentaries and videos on YouTube providing tons of useful information witnessed through a variety of perspectives from a wealth of experience.

What’s in it?

Kratom Leaves

Contained within the leafs of Mitragyna speciosa or Kratom are many compounds, the most prevalent of which are two alkaloids, mitragyne and 7-hydroxymitragyne.   It also contains many other alkaloids and compounds but these two in particular are primarily responsible for the effect on the human being.

For those of you who don’t know what an alkaloid is, it’s not a breath mint, but a class of organic compounds of plant origin which have a physiological effect on us humans. Some alkaloids you may have heard of would be morphine, codeine, caffeine, nicotine and ephedrine like in common cold medicine.

Kratom is classified into strains, those being white strain, green strain and red strain from which my favorite sub-strain Maeng Da was created.  All the strains are reported to have different effects.  There are some wonderful resources for specific information regarding each strain, but like I said before, I’m really just focused on how I respond to the uniqueness of the varieties.

Maeng Da is without a doubt my favorite strain, it provides a sense of full body relaxation, pain relief while also producing a stimulate effect which is so pleasant yet so subtle it lifts me from even my most anxious, depressed states of being.

Red strains also have an anxiety reducing effect but don’t seem to produce the energizing effects of the Maeng Da.  Higher doses of this strain will drop me into a sedative type feeling, but not enough to affect any part of my functionality or brain activity.

Red strains I usually dose fairly high, like 8 grams to 12 grams.  To be honest I don’t really get much from low doses of this strain but that’s just me, someone else may tell you something completely different and they’re right.

Green strains provide me a full body relaxation, when anxiety tries to creep in it relieves the pressure that sometimes builds in the chest, its not overly stimulating but more so than red strains in my opinion.  I found that a medium 5 grams to 8 gram doses of the green strains is usually right where I want to be.

White strains give me a clean energetic, stress reducing felling. Its more noticeable within my motivation to talk more and an inclination to go above and beyond my normal effort output.   Lower doses of this strain are where I find my sweet spot, anywhere from 2 grams to 5 grams.

Enhanced strains are also a great way to get more of the alkaloids without having to take as much of the leaf.  An enhanced strain is usually any strain that has been bulked up with extracts of the same strain providing a more powerful punch in a smaller package.   I have used some advanced strains and have always been happy with the outcome, they just cost a little more.

Can you take too much?

Yes, you can take too much of anything. Will it kill you, probably not unless you somehow manage to take your body weight, and I really don’t know if even that will get ya.  My basic rule these days, is take the smallest action possible to have the maximum possible effect.  Kratom is good like that because the strains I use most frequently require small doses to give me the feelings of relief I am looking for.

I have over done it though, I always need to find the edge by dangling over it or in some cases running off the side.  When I take more than I know I should, it gives me some gastrointestinal discomfort and also dehydrates me.  None of it too bad but enough to pump the brakes on my current course of action.

A Miracle Leaf

If you suffer anxiety, depression or pain I urge you to give kratom a try, no prescription necessary, won’t become physically dependent, and you will never run out if in case you decide to bring it on board as an ally in managing whatever condition your condition is in.

If you find yourself addicted to any opioid and have a true desire to quit, kratom along with a few other adjustments to your routine and lifestyle will aid in your recovery. I have first hand experience with this and Kratom can seriously reduce the severity of symptoms of withdrawal.

Let us know what you think. Have you tried it?  Thinking about trying it?  Or know the perfect way to dose it for maximum effect. We want to here all your experiences and pass them on that someone else may feel the sweet relief mother nature packed into this mighty leaf.

Disclaimer If your going to put anything into your body, do it with care and attention.  Your body will always guide you if you quiet down and tune into the the subtleties its trying to convey through feelings, so be conscious when you take this medicine, don’t abuse it, respect it and it will return the favor.  Let there be Peace on the Earth again.  Much Love.


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