Managing Anxiety without Medication – A New Approach

Anxiety is defined as a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.  Which is ironic seeing as uncertain outcomes are certain in everything we do.  We can calculate the odds of outcomes, manage risk and hedge our bets but the only certain outcome in life is death.

Chances are if you suffer from severe enough anxiety you have probably seen a doctor or two in hopes for finding a solution to your dis-ease.  Chances are even more likely that your doctor had a solution for you which involved a prescription of some kind.  Anti-depressants, benzodiazepines among other drugs are some of the most commonly dispensed medications in the country today for our mental and emotional turmoil.  But are drugs that alter you body’s neurochemical physiology really the best method for solving your problems long term?

I have witnessed firsthand the pain and destruction that follows long term, ill-advised use and abuse of these drugs.  It is possible they have a short term effect in relieving the symptoms of your anxiety, but they are also very dangerous and can lead to serious negative long term effects on your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being.

Ultimately, the root causes of your anxiety and stress is the perception you have of yourself and how you relate to the world around you, taking into consideration all you have experienced in life.  We vibrate at a lower frequency when we are consumed by feelings of fear and uncertainty. We know deep down it is possible to feel good again but aren’t aware of the paths that can unfold before us until we detach from our emotional shackles and witness our circumstances from a more objective viewpoint.

Go Within

On my path to a life with less anxiety, which still comes with its twists and turns, the first step was to take an absolutely brutally honest inventory of the emotions, stories and thoughts attached to past experiences and identify stress triggers of future outcomes, which have held me back from a life of freedom and happiness.  Talking with someone who’s main directive is NOT to prescribe medication is invaluable to identify the root causes of the worry and stress that become you.  No matter where you go our what situation you find yourself in, you bring the anxiety and stress you harbor inside with you and emit that frequency into the world around you, attracting it’s like vibration thus creating a never ending cycle of cause and effect.

To begin the process of directing one’s awareness to the emotions, traumas and worries that lay deep within, focus your attention which is your energy, free of judgment or fear, but guided by loving intention on those painful sites. When you are at you worst and can’t seem to go on, pause, and bring your attention straight into the physical feelings that arise within, and as you experience them know that they are not necessarily part of your current external reality but your subconscious response to circumstances past, present or future.  Unless you’re are face to face with a mountain lion, hippopotamus or crocodile, you should be afraid and run.  To go inside yourself requires courage, it requires a firm resolve to desire a life free from any emotions or feelings that no longer serve you on your life’s path.

This technique alone will not be the ultimate solution to subdue your body’s negative response to its environment, buts its a solid starting point.  Also remember to breath, deeply and intentionally, be kind to yourself, love yourself, you are doing the best you can with what you got and you still here.  You are one of our brothers, our sisters in the great mystery that is the life we all share, and we love you.

Unplug the Social Chord

When I take a thorough inventory of the emotional patterns and thought forms that have shaped the way I feel and how I view the world, there is a common underlying factor that encompasses almost all my internal discord.  My social self, my ego, the person I present to my peers and society at large is many times in total dissonance with who I am at heart.

To be the person I tell myself I am, the person you expect me to be uses vast amounts of energy, and isolates poor me from the true guidance of my inner self, my higher self.  The social aspect of my being is fragile, always has been, afraid to speak to its hearts true wisdom, all the while engaging in narratives which only serve to further my own selfish need for validation and status.  As a result of this dependence, I am hurt when I don’t get exactly what I expect out of any given circumstance.

I once heard in an AA meeting that serenity is directly proportionate to expectations, which holds true in all my doings.  To truly appreciate the gifts bestowed from the world around us we must lose the expectations of what we think we deserve.  These expectations will inevitably lead to separation from what’s actually presenting itself as it is in any given moment.

Our time with people, among our family and friends shouldn’t incite feelings of fear and stress, but sometimes that’s just the way it is.  When this is the case, it may be time to withdrawal one self and go inside to identify why you are responding negatively to those around you.  It’s OK to step back and disengage from any aspect of society that causes negative emotions and thoughts to kick in.  I do it all the time, for my energy is too valuable to be constantly wasting it trying to please the world around me.

As far as social media and the birds eye view we all have into each others lives.  It’s a wonderful platform to connect with loved one’s and friends, no doubt, but it’s not the way things actually are.  Don’t compare yourself to anything you witness online, don’t believe that one photo tells the whole story.  Your life and your experience is the only relevant post in your world.  Turn it off, put it down, unplug yourself and don’t define yourself by likes and comments.

Eat Your Vegetables

This is a no brainer, you are what you eat.  One of the keys to our well-being as humans on all the levels of our being, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual is what your feed your body. While you’re the one putting the food in your mouth, its the billions of gut bacteria in your stomach that have the real job to break down food and deliver the nutrients and energy contained within to the rest of your body.

If you’re constantly eating fast food, snacking on foods loaded with sugar and empty carbs, or on a straight diet of low nutrient processed food, you’re going to find it difficult to raise your body’s vibration to a frequency conducive to a stress and anxiety free life.  Don’t be mislead here, you don’t need to just completely change you diet tomorrow but start to make small adjustments to your meals.

Not here to convince you one diet is better than another, Paleo, Keto, Vegan, Vegetarian or Atkins. No, just be very aware that the foods you eat will be the difference between feeling good or feeling like shit.  Check out, Grow a New Body by Dr. Alberto Villoldo, or How not to Die by Dr. Michael Gregor.  Or just get online, rather stay online, go to another website that focuses on maintaining optimum health through dietary means and educate yourself.  The animalitos in your belly will say gracias.

Your physical body is the sacred temple in which your emotional, mental and spiritual centers rest, maintaining a proper diet and nutrition is the foundation for building a life free from anxiety, a physical form that vibrates with the higher frequencies of love, joy and happiness is our right as sentient beings.

Sweat to the Oldies

Exercise your body! Workout! Run, climb, jump, play a sport, walk, yoga, jazzercise, dance, swim lift weights, whatever you can do is better than letting your body, your vehicle through life waste away.  Your body is a precious gift, take care of it.  We all know how good we feel after we’ve sweat it out.  Exercise is one of the most potent things you can do to relieve stress, to get out of your head and into the flow of life.

Like all habits it will take time to cultivate a consistent routine, especially when you’ve done nothing for so long, but I promise you it will make a huge difference in how you feel about yourself.  I give myself a pat on the back every time I do anything active, my body, mind and spirit thank me and yours will to.

We need to remember that stress and anxiety are not going to be achieved by merely focusing on one aspect of our physical, emotional, mental or spiritual being.  It’s a total overhaul of ourselves that produces real lasting results, one trip to the gym and the occasional carrot ain’t going to cut it.  Your Junco Partner will make excuses all day long as to why you can’t do the things necessary to heal, but you can take back control of your life by simply committing to the process and taking some fucking action.

Drugs can be Good

Now we get to the good stuff.  What can I take that will fix my internal state of disharmony? What will bring me back into alignment?  Well there is no magic pill or chemical that will do that totally. Period.  But there are many natural, straight from our mother earth, chemicals’ that can give you relief in the moments you see fit.

  • CBD – CBD is a non psychoactive chemical found in Cannabis, it is highly effective in managing stress and anxiety levels. I use on a semi regular basis to aid in managing anxiety. It is non habit-forming and you will not overdose. I take one dropper of a 1500mg oil 3x a day a few days a week.  Remember less is more, start small and increase as necessary.



  • Kratom- The leaves from this tree from southern Asia have been used for millennia in southern Asia and has a variety of different applications for humans.   It comes in a many different forms and there are a variety of different strains.  All of the strains come with different reported effects, if you decide to try it’s completely up to you what you’re going for.  For me this is the closest plant to a true natural anti-depressant, when dosed properly the effects are amazing, so glad I finally decided to try it a few years ago.



  • HTP – 5-Hydroxytrptophan is an amino acid produced naturally by the human body, supplementing it has a calming effect while elevating mood and encouraging more restful sleep.  HTP is a precursor to serotonin, and over time can help your body to produce more of its natural happy molecule.  I use daily in the evening to begin my body’s natural comedown from the days activities.



  • Valerian Root – Valerian root is known to aid in the brains natural production of gaba, which when released naturally relaxes an overstimulated system.  I usually take before bed when I know its time to relax and shut down for the night.



  • Kava – Kava is another plant from the south pacific that when ingested will combat bursts of short term anxiety, I usually make it into a tea and drink it on the days I am feeling extra stressed.  Not a go-to for me but is effective.


Now we should talk about some illegal chemicals’ that are also harmless if used properly.  When I say properly I mean you have carefully selected a set and setting to experience the effects of the substance and you keep your dose small at first, incrementally increasing it as you witness the effects in your body.

  • Cannabis- Personally cannabis has always produced reliable anxiety and stress countering effects in me, some people will report an increase in heart rate which can lead to a very uncomfortable anxious type feeling, which isn’t what we’re after.  Again I must stress that it is vital to consume in a safe environment where there are no threats to your physical or social being.  I say social because THC has the capability of producing a paranoia which is a direct result of one’s inability to completely rationalize with the effects of the substance.  Its not for everyone, if you’ve tried and it doesn’t work then lets move on.



  • Psychedelic Mushrooms- Now this is getting a little more taboo, but mushrooms are beginning to make their way back into mainstream news mainly because of multiple studies that have proven there efficacy in relieving the symptoms of anxiety long after the initial experience or trip is over.  When I say the experience I am referring to the 4-8 hours your consciousness will be altered.  I am very experienced with mushrooms and have profound respect for there power, I choose to grow my own which is super easy, and fun, also keeps you from having to worry about acquiring an illegal drug on the streets. The profound mystical experiences produced by the action of psilocybine on the brain has a unique ability to give you ultimate clarity on your waking perceptual state while under the influence of the molecule, yet after the experience your realizations will only be felt as language is inadequate in describing such wonder.



  • Ketamine- Its remarkable the way this dis-associative anesthetic is crossing the line from club drug, battlefield sedative and animal tranquilizer to psychiatric medicine. Ketamine clinics are popping up all over the U.S. as studies have shown unbelievable results in treating depression and anxiety.  I have had many trips down the K-hole and it still amazes me how much clarity can be achieved in a single session.  The mechanism of this chemical’s ability to bring a fragmented perspective into clear view is beyond me and I have no doubt that the drug itself does nothing but allow your conscious state to become aware of realms beyond human understanding, allowing us to detach from our petty gripes and unite with universal consciousness, where all is experienced as one.  Be very careful though, this is a schedule 3 narcotic and should not be used if A) You don’t have a sitter who is experienced with this type medicine and/or B) Don’t know where it came from, especially ifs it cooked into a powder, god knows what else could be in there.

I do not advocate any form of drug use, nor do I promote it.  In a perfect world we’d all feel great and drugs would be obsolete, but we’re humans, we’ve been concocting means to alter our state of consciousness since the beginning of time.  But like all things balance is key, if you can use what works in moderation and at the appropriate dose there is no reason one or many of these drugs won’t work for you.


Meditation is by far the easiest, cheapest and most effective means of quieting your mind and detaching from all the emotional disturbances within.  It’s not easy at first to start meditating, you have to be ready for it, really commit, otherwise your mind will talk you out of it every time, mine still tries.  It will amaze you, after you’ve done this for a couple of weeks you will uncover the magical ability that we have as humans to actually heal ourselves with the power of our own thoughts and feelings.

My recommendation, get online and research ways to meditate, tricks to quiet the mind, breathing exercises, guided meditations and sound frequencies.  All these tools can aid in the defeating enemy number one to meditation, your mind.  A constantly chattering mind will endeavor to manipulate your emotions and make sitting still quite difficult. Focus on your breath and your mind will fade, lifting a 500lb weight with your tongue may seem easier, but with training you will eventually accomplish the feat.

In the End

You are going to die, it’s the inevitable end to your life.  You don’t know when but you know it’s coming, and it’s certain, among all the uncertainty that stresses us out, makes us worry, isolate us in our emotions there is one thing we can count on, death.  We’ve been conditioned to fear death, but what if that’s complete opposite approach.  It seems to me and all the great mystics that liberation from physical form frees up your essence, awareness, consciousness or soul to merely shift back into the frequency from where we all came.

To embrace death in every moment is to live fully, know that the next moment could be the last, lighten up, live your truth, don’t compromise yourself for others, quite the mind, follow your heart and give yourself fully to your life.

I speak only from my experience and in know way shape or form pretend to know a fraction of what can be known but pass what I have gained to you in hopes it provides a ray of light which passes from person to person illuminating our paths.  Please leave us your experience, your comments, your questions or concerns for we are all here to help each other.


4 thoughts on “Managing Anxiety without Medication – A New Approach”

  1. I have to say I’ve heard a lot of good things about CBD oil. In my opinion, In regards to anxiety, we all need to have natural ways to deal with it.

    Even some of the top-of-the-line medications don’t work for anxiety. We all need to have something we can turn to immediately when medication isn’t so readily available. I like that you are writing about this topic and providing some remedies. Like I said my favorite one is probably CBD oil. I think I’ll give that a try.

  2. Good article. Sometimes we need to be brutally honest to ourselves. We get so good at at rationalizing and explaining away the real reasons for how we feel, and consequently never come face to face with the real issues. And yes, what we eat makes a big difference, as does getting plenty of good hard exercise. I find that the best exercise is doing some actual work outside in the open air and sunshine, rather than working up a sweat on some exercise machine.

  3. I really think you are onto something with this. Anxiety seems to be something more and more people are dealing with. It may be the way we are living, the things we eat, the close quarters, the constant push and pull of the world. No matter what I really enjoyed your article.

  4. As someone that suffers from anxiety disorders and depression, I can definitely say that this post is full of valuable insight. There are so many tools here that someone in my own situation can benefit from, it’s crazy.

    Among the ideas that I really stand behind, I highly approve of CBD and Cannabis in general, as well as Meditation (which I have recently started). Oh, and eating right is such an overlooked factor too. Don’t wanna feel like shit? Don’t be eating shit.

    It’s tough I know, TV is addictive and McDonalds is cheap. The world is against us sometimes, but that doesn’t mean it has to win.


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