Treating Anxiety with Meditation. Healing from the inside out.

Finding a way to counteract the negative feelings and emotions our bodies produce and harbor in response to the lives we’ve endured is no easy task. I have been on a quest for the last 20 years to find the secret to controlling the feelings of fear, stress and uncertainty that have plagued my being since I was a kid.

I’ve searched high and low for a sustainable treatment that wasn’t going to land me in rehab, wasn’t going to effect my motor control, wasn’t going to cost me a fortune, and most importantly actually produced noticeable, key term NOTICABLE, results.

Pick Your Path

In the past I’ve written about a variety of natural means to manage stress and anxiety, CBD, kratom, vitamins and supplements. While all of these solutions are absolutely effective in the moment as a means to interrupt the crippling effects of the negative thought and feeling feedback loop, they were never something I wanted to use for the rest of my life.  As a veteran of more than a few drug and alcohol rehabs, one thing I am not looking for is absolute dependency on anything.

I don’t have problem using any drug if it is capable of doing what it is supposed to do but I certainly don’t want to have to secure a lifetime supply.  Our culture has been reared on the medical solution, go see a doctor, they’ll fix you right up, but is this really the best way to move forward after all we’ve been through already?

We are one heart, we are all connected, there is no separation between you and me in this vast energetic matrix we perceive in 3D known as life, human life.  We may appear separate to the one who’s completed isolated within their own pain, stuck in the emotions of past traumas, fretting over, anticipating the worst case future scenarios, or worse yet engaged in same old thing.  To know what causes your anxiety is to know what causes all anxiety.  Unique as we are as individuals, we are very much the same as a species.

The Way Ahead

Life is change, we know this right, I mean we realize that the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual space we occupy at the moment will no doubt change with time.  As bad as things may seem now, they can easily get better, or worse, depending on how you’re viewing it.

We have to really pay attention to ourselves, search within our hearts and not be guided by the stagnant emotions that build up over years of not recognizing the truth of our circumstances.  In my opinion, the way forward starts with commitment.

Affirming to yourself that you are absolutely deserving to live a life free from anxiety in all its varieties is the first vital step to freedom.  From there the journey is beautiful, revealing and worth every minute as you break free from the illusion of suffering.

Hey.. You got a minute?

The question above is enough to send anyone into a state of panic and anxiety.  But this is just you and me talking, just relaxed, sitting down having a real conversation about what we’re going through.  I’m not interested in social studies on stress, anxiety and depression, scientists can study individuals and society at large until they have all the data necessary to give statistics to our malady, but all I want is what’s relevant to me in this moment.

My Anxiety is the triple knots in my stomach, the tightness in my chest, inability to breathe normally and the never ending mind chatter that accompanies the physical symptoms.  The stories and narratives I tell myself that play on repeat, morphing into epic tales of the shoulda, woulda or coulda variety.  But is this the cause of the anxiety, my mind, or is there something else at play?

Our bodies are highly adapted to survive the external physical conditions we find ourselves in, we instinctively know when we are in real danger, our bodies send chemical messengers to our brain when the ‘Oh shit!’ moments occurs.  Then we instantly deal with the percieved outside threat, but what about the threat-less threat, that arises within.  Where is the anxiety born, where does it originate?

My opinion, we inherit it, from our environment, from our family, our friends and from ourselves. From ourselves?  Sure, the me I was 10 years ago was a product of the me from 20 years ago and both those me’s have evolved into the me right here right now.  In every circumstance I have arrived and my collective reactions to those circumstances is what’s writing this right now, not reacting to but serving the circumstance.  We can easily point out all the reasons were justified to feel anxious right now but if you were to add all this together and divide it, the lowest common denominator is you.

I’m Stressed, OK.. So WTF is the point?

You don’t have to be, nobody in this day and age should have to live with anything that holds us back from being who we truly are and reaching our maximum potential.  For too many years, fear of just about everything covered up and rationalized by my internal dialogue, kept me from feeling or connecting with anything or anybody. But then something happened, when I committed to finding an authentic means of reconnecting with myself and the universe at large, things began to change for the better.

I knew about mediation, read many books and articles about how wonderful a practice it is, and how valuable it can be to the human condition, but I couldn’t sit still for 30 seconds at that point, let alone half an hour or more. The chatterbox upstairs was going to make sure of that. For me to silence my mind on a daily basis and leave this nagging JuncoPartner out of my activities even for a few minutes was going to be difficult, but I just did it, everyday even if only for 5 minutes.

Today the most fulfilling part of my day is the time I spend experiencing whatever it is my body consciousness is communicating with me, while cultivating a quiet mind and true devotion to the practice.  No matter how bad I perceive my circumstances, no matter how fucked up life gets, a consistent meditation practice allows me and will allow you to disengage your social self, detach from all the thought and emotional patterns that hold us in bondage.  Intend to heal yourself, take action and observe from your silence the re connection with your true self and observe the changes that follow.

How to Meditate

It’s real easy, just sit and be quiet.  I don’t really prescribe to any particular type or school of meditation.  Know nothing about what would constitute a “proper” meditative practice.  Don’t resign yourself to imitating anyone while cultivating your practice.  Ultimately you’re looking to shut off YOUR internal talk, connect with YOUR body’s consciousness and go within YOU to connect with the beautiful spiritual being YOU truly are.

Your first experience could be profound, changing everything you previously were, everything you thought you knew about yourself, bringing the futile application of your anxiety to an end or if your like me, every day will be but a step in the right direction toward the oneness and wholeness that is our right as human beings, the gradual variety of awakening.

The quiet can be scary at first, your mind will run in circles, it won’t know what to do, it will try everything to get out of it.  Go inside and witness the feelings that arise and sit with them, feel the stress, embrace the anxiety.  Healing the causes of your anxiety won’t come from the outside, I assure you, it happens within as you witness the underlying causes of where your anxiety originates.

Some Help Please!

Use sound to start.  But I thought we are supposed to quiet our mind?  Your mind can still be quiet while you listen.  There are hundreds if not thousands of guided meditations online.  Go to you-tube type in “guided meditation” and have at it.  Meditations for stress reduction, connecting with source, gratitude, heart coherence, love, money, you name it, there’s a meditation for it.

While all the free meditations are great, I have recently discovered a company called iAwake. iAwake uses sound technology to help people experience profound transformation with highly sophisticated brain wave and bio-field entrainment. The tracks they produce are more than capable of catalyzing tangible, profound changes in your life geared toward guiding you to happiness, inner peace, joy and emotional freedom.

I personally have bought a variety of the tracks offered on their website and have been amazed at how effective this technology is at producing profound states of inner peace and harmony. Check out the iAwake website and see for yourself with some samples they offer.

Breath In. Breath Out.

Last thing I wanted to cover here before I leave you to it is the breathe. Our breathe is our life, without air in our lungs we are suffocating.  Intentional breathing in conjunction with your unique meditative practice is the final, extremely vital piece of the puzzle.  There are many teachers throughout time that talk about the power of our breathe to improve our state of being, reduce anxiety and heal our bodies from the inside out.

Before I close my eyes to go within I like to go through a series of breathing techniques made popular by our favorite Iceman, David Wimhof.  I use a variation of his breathe exercises which catapults my awareness straight past the analytical side of my consciousness into the body, and subconscious state of my being.

After I can feel the blood coursing through my veins, the nerves firing at there endings and the subtle beat of my heart in my chest, then I return to a nice even flow or rhythm of breathe, in and out through my nose, mouth closed, tongue presses lightly against the front of my palate, gum line area.  Again, there are so many techniques to be discovered by simply researching breathing, so find what works for you and feel the life force enter into your bones as you inhale, exhale.

Final Note

You are the master of your destiny, you are the captain of your soul, no one will relieve your stress or anxiety for you. They may treat the physical symptoms but they cannot heal you.  You are the healer, you are the shaman, you must be vigilant in your resolve to give up fighting what was and create a state of flow with what is.  Peace.  Much Love.


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