What are the Side Effects of CBD? You May be Suprised…

It’s still somewhat strange to think we live in a country where marijuana is ‘almost’ legalized, its cool in some states and not in others, some chemicals in the plant are cool with the law and others aren’t in the illegal states, but we’re getting there. At the end of the day legalization on the federal level is inevitable, may take a while yet but were on the way. I’m not saying that full legalization won’t come without its own headaches in so far as regulation and oversight go but it will ultimately be the step that leads to the transparency and unification we desperately need between the scientific, cultural, government and individual perspectives regarding cannabis is all its varieties.

Misinformation and propaganda campaigns over the last 50 years against marijuana has distorted the true nature and stifled rational progress in discovering what this plant is capable of doing for a human being. Instead, our government institutions and political machine turned it into something it’s never was, fabricating stories, unjust punishment and fear tactics to manipulate us at every turn. With this ignorance propagated forward from generation to generation, we who see through this ploy hid in the shadows while tapping into the potential of this weed as a means to treat the symptoms of the conditions we inherit from the dream that is life.

So what does all this have to do with CBD, pretty much as it concerns to the remainder of the article but point is to challenge to collective cognition surrounding any and all chemicals regardless of their classification. We need a shift in perception regarding what we understand as our own experiences, only by being witness to our personal encounters with any substance on a conscious level of involvement will the truth present itself. Don’t decide something someone else decided for you, be true to yourself, if you seek the answers they will come, your body will always tell the truth.

The Plant Body

Our bodies are naturally equipped with receptor sites throughout our central nervous system and brain called cannabinoids, these cannabinoids make up what is called the endocannabinoid system. Traveling between these receptor sites are endogenous lipid based retrograde neurotransmitters called endocannabinoids.(SOURCE) While more research is needed, it is hypothesized that the endocannabinoid system is responsible for functions associated with regulating physiological and cognitive processes, including appetite, pain-sensation, mood and memory among others.

Our bodies are highly adaptive energetic vessels which appear solid and organically based yet at the quantum level are merely masses of photonic energy vibrating into form the virtual flesh and blood hyperreal machine which stores our consciousness. We are composed of the same organic compounds which can be found in the center of our galaxy as well as right here on earth, these building blocks of life, be them human or celestial are the rudimentary elements and interconnective link between us and the rest of the universe.

We have adapted our physical forms perfectly to live mostly harmoniously, enough to survive until now anyway, within the constructs of our environment over the course of history, as well as adapted our mental and emotional centers to deal with the increasing social pressure applied to our being as we began to huddle up in major urban centers worldwide.

Fast forward to today and we are pretty much safe from our physical environment as a serious threat to our survival. These days our biggest threat comes from within and manifests in a feeling of isolation stemming from emotional frequencies associated with fear, guilt, shame, regret and uncertainty. Its the social aspect of our lives which brings about a majority of our stress, worry and anxiety.

Jobs, money, bills, social media, and a plethora of other social bindings hold us in a cycle of stress and non-completion. Our bodies continue to adapt by keeping us safe within the seemingly safe parameters of the social net, though it is the cause of many of our dysfunction emotional imprints, it’s also something we can’t live without.

Balance and Harmony

When it comes to seeking aid from an outside source for an internal disruption we must persist to find not just relief from our current state of being but to also engage the pain, uncover the origin of the imprint and release your energy from its vibrational force and begin the true healing process humans are inherently capable of when provided the tools to be proactive.

It takes a balance on all sides of your actions and subsequent thoughts in response to these existing emotional disturbances, this is where using a medicine is advised in overcoming the automatic negative responses to circumstances. CBD works very well in this instance, as well as for pain, but we’ll talk about that some other time.

The exact action cannabidiol has on the body I am really not sure, but I know exactly how it effects me and I am sure the CBD travels to all the neuroreceptors throughout my body and delivers the sweet message of relief to my nervous system which for me is most noticeably felt in my solar plexus and chest. Never have I had a reaction to CBD that was overwhelming, uncomfortable, disrupted an internal function or made me feel anything but relief.

Side Effects

I have been using CBD on a mostly regular basis for some years now, but always save time for tolerance breaks, and I have never encountered an effect which would be perceived as negative. There are reports of fatigue, which I could imagine being reported and diarrhea which I can’t say I’ve encountered as a result of taking CBD, but we’re all different. Dizziness, loss of appetite and general discomfort have all been reported as well.

It’s possible that any time you introduce something into your body there could be adverse effects, we all perceive the sensations created as result of dosing any chemical differently. You need to pay careful attention to your body when you are taking any medicine as a means to alleviate symptoms of any condition, CBD is no different. While I would venture to go out on a limb and say even though there are negative reports this natural substance comes with a very, very low potential for negative side effects.

If you start your initial dose at half the recommended amount, you will no doubt find out if it affects you adversely and won’t suffer extreme side effects as the dose is relatively small. When trying to figure out where your ‘sweet spot’ dose may be, use the start small and add method, from there it is imperative that you keep your own records of what dose you find relief. Once you have found a dose that eases your tension, reduces anxiety and alleviates stress, use that dose until you feel you either need to increase, decrease or stop all together.

I am a proponent of tolerance breaks with any of the natural remedies we utilize in our treatment of anxiety. What this does is allow your body to re balance itself and you will be able to gauge where you are on your own path to freedom from the insidious grips of anxiety. Ultimately real healing will not be found in a bottle, but will come from deep within when you make the commitment to uncovering the root causes of your stress and challenging its influence over your life by changing, well, everything.

Final Thoughts

If your ready to use CDB as an ally in the struggle for your serenity, find a product which has individual doses measured out in the 10mg range, it’s a small enough yet big enough dose for a jumping off point, my recommendation is a brand of gummies called Not Pot. As is evident in the name, the gummies do not contain the psychoactive substance THC, just enough CBD to get you started on the right track towards calmness and inner peace.

Not Pot gummies are unique, in that they are shaped like polar bears, and when you buy from them, part of the proceeds f go straight into helping individuals who are caught in the middle of the legal quagmire due to our inability to fix the broken system governing cannabis’ distribution and general use. And most importantly Not Pot is good drugs. Much Love.Peace.


Please add to this with you experience, the more unified our consciousness becomes collectively the easier it will be for a shift in the overall perception regarding our humanity and what is our true destiny.


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