What’s the Best CBD Oil for Anxiety? – Is there a best?

Modern life can be strange, while beautiful, full of wonder and mystery it also has the tendency to leave us with that pit in our stomach, that tightness in our chest, you know, that sense of impending doom. It’s no wonder we feel so isolated in our sphere of awareness, we focus ourselves outwardly in so many directions and our energy supply is used excessively to keep up with the pace that is modern society.

We are way too available, way to accessible, we move too fast, we want everything now, it’s impossible to keep that kind of social pace and still have time to maintain healthy body, healthy mind and healthy spirit.

We don’t really know at what point to take the cues of our body and admit something isn’t right, that we’re not vibrating harmoniously with our environment. The body’s natural response to this, release stress hormones like a tommy gun kicking the fight and flight response into full gear when there’s absolutely no threat to our physically being, only a threat to our  position within the social constructs.

It’s a difficult step to ask for help when everything is in order from the outside looking in. We keep up our social expectancy sure, but all the while being held back from living our best life, all as a result of the feelings good or bad our body produces in response to the information at a given moment within our environment.

Let’s call the chronic stress feelings, anxiety, and sure we all get stressed out from time to time, but it shouldn’t become our baseline feeling, our feeling of happiness, contentment and joyousness shouldn’t be the exception, it should be the rule. At what point do we say enough is enough and begin the process of expelling this phantom menace, this insidious force that literally holds us back from living our best lives.

Many Ways down the same road…

Finding a method of effectively managing the chronic feelings of stress and anxiety is no easy task.  How do we undo the feelings caused by what we did, didn’t do, don’t do or should do every day?  How do we change our response to our environment, the people, places, things?

Short of picking up and leaving and hoping you leave yourself behind, there is sometimes very little wiggle room from our daily routines to make major changes in the moment you arrive.

No, unfortunately real changes come slow, steady, and require work. As we realize what needs to change, we begin to monitor ourselves and take notice to the triggers that seem to accelerate our feelings of discomfort. Effectively managing anxiety is possible, you can go see a doctor, they’ll have an answer, look online, you’ll find thousands of answers, long story short there are so many ways to get where you want to go.  Introducing CBD.

Will it work…

CBD will not likely cure your anxiety, probably need to dig deeper for that, but it is beyond effective as an ally in managing those moments you feel undo pressure from the stimuli of the environment. It is a natural, super safe, and highly effective means of the calming body’s natural response to stress and has high potential to interrupt the negative feedback loop between your body and mind which creates an unnecessary emotional build up which further solidifies these feeling of fear, stress or uncertainty.

I am only an authority of what works for me, and I desire to live a healthy increasingly productive life, staying away from the legal and illegal drugs, or other chemicals which, for many years, destroyed my brain, body and totally distorted my outlook on life. CBD is now one of my go to products in those times when the stress becomes overwhelming enough to disrupt  elements of my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual total being.

What’s the right brand for you?

I don’t have a definitive answer for you, there are so many brands and varieties out there now. About 6 years ago when I first explored it as a means to improve my own well-being, I just randomly selected a vape product and went for it. Started there and nowadays I prefer 1500mg bottle of  unflavored oil.  It seems to deliver the most potent dose directly into my system.

Now you can smoke it, eat it in foods and candies, drink it, vape it, spray it or rub it in. Fact is you can get it into your body in whatever way you see fit. Once you settle on how you want to get it in your system, head to your local smoke shop or do an online search, you’ll find thousands of results and products to research and purchase.

My advice, just pick one and go for it, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Below I have include my top choices in the following categories: Oils, Tinctures, Vapes, Hemp cigarettes, Candies, Foods, Drinks, Sprays, Lotions, Balms. (Website Under Construction, will link to products soon)

How much should I take?

As a seasoned drug user, who’s used or ab-used every legal and illegal chemical/drug, start small and go from there. There is no rule to what amount will produce a feeling of relief in you. We all interpret the sensations produced by the interaction of the chemicals ingested with our body’s physiology differently, so take advice but trust your experience with dosage amounts with your body as the true guide.

My personal dose is 1 full dropper of 1500mg oil in my coffee first thing in the morning, after I eat a wholesome breakfast, of course. Remember that it is gonna work a whole lot better if you use CBD in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, you increase the chances of your own freedom from anxiety exponentially.

Mid-day I’ll dose another 1 dropper which is 50ml, and again in the evening about an hour before bed.  Sometimes I’ll take 2 or 3 droppers before bed, it also works wonders for pain too. Certain times call for different doses, again, know thy partner, know thyself.  You can’t overdose but be conscious of what you’re doing.  If you put too much of anything in your body the results may not be to your liking.  We are trying to achieve maximum effect with as small a dose as possible.  Less is more.

Feeling Better?

If you want to know exactly how CBD interacts with the body, look up one of the many, many scientific studies done regarding CBD and anxiety.  Around here though, you are the study, its your experiment, you are the scientist and the test subject.  Be vigilant with your research, notice the subtleties in your body communicating with you, commit your results to memory, find your sweet spot and if CBD doesn’t  do it for you, by God, try something else.


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